Discover the Vision and Goals that Truly Inspire You
and Bring them to Life
 5 Weeks of Clear, Powerful, Practical Processes & Support
Designed to take you step by step
Without overwhelm
Without needlessly long and complicated processes
Focusing precisely and only 
On what matters, and what actually works
For 5 weeks we will:
  • UNCOVER what we truly believe about ourselves, what is possible, and expand those limitations far beyond what we are capable of currently imagining.
  • CONNECT to what really matters to you, what inspires you, and explore ways it can be expressed in your current life.
  • REVEAL the pathways available to you, the action steps you can take right now. Reconcile and transform the inner resistance that keeps us from moving forward.
  • EXPERIENCE what it is to truly commit to something, and receive support and guidance as we face the challenges that emerge from creating something of value.

Starts March 29, 2021

Video, Live & Community

Live with Evan

Inner Reconciliation & EFT Senior Facilitator
NYC Based Musician 
Bridging the Gap Between Inner & Outer Work
Using Guided Awareness, Inner Reconciliation and Goals processes that I've personally been working with
What You Will Get
A Video (with audio download) Each Week with Specific Processes that Build Upon Each Other
5 Live Calls to Dig In Deeper with Q&A, Advice and Processes. They will all be recorded and email questions can be answered if you cannot attend.

The first call is Thursday, April 1 @ 2pm Eastern

The next calls will be TBD based on timezone attendance
Digestible, Practical Step by Step Actions that You Can Actually Use. 

No "20 hours of bonus content" and ultra long videos that make you feel more stressed about completing the program than actually using it. 
Part One
Exploring Belief and Self Image
What do you truly believe about yourself, about the world, and what is actually possible?
On some level, anyone exploring a program like this believes there is potential for inner work to create lasting transformation. That there is at least some truth in the premise that our beliefs, feelings, thoughts, shape our experience of reality.
But - where do you truly stand on this? Not what you think you believe, when you probe deeply, feel into your body and emotions, when you decide you are going to actually start that business, what is really there for us?
My experience so far has been that exploring this alone could be one of the most revealing (yes even confronting), powerful things you will ever do.
Part Two
Inspiration, Value and Connection
We must find out what we value on a deep level, what gives us a sense of sustainable connection and vitality.
This goes deeper than specific tasks you enjoy, although they give clues, or what you think would be a good idea to pursue.
This is about moving deeper into the core essence of what that experience of connection and meaning truly feels like. What inspires you to the core.

Without this connection, it would be impossible, unthinkable, for me to have sustained a life doing what I love in a creative, competitive field. I would have tapped out 20 years ago. This is the sustained inspiration that conquers the day to day challenges.
Part Three
Moving the Inspiration Outward
Once you are connected to that sense of meaning and inspiration, how would you express it in the world? What would that look like?
This, once again, is a very different question and starting point than trying to come up with a goal that sounds good and forcing a commitment.
When we start to experience ideas and motivations that are directly lined up with who you are at the core, you will find the 'goals' and creation of them take on a very different character.
Part Four
Action, Direction, and Commitment
Commitment feels good, empowering and energizing when coming from the right place
Having set the proper emotional foundation, we can begin to experience that the "work" of taking action, evaluating our next moves and committing to specific objectives actually creates a positive feedback loop.
You will also be equipped with the right tools this week to work through resistance as well as recognizing when you are using inner work as a crutch.
Part Five
Sustainable Energy
Now is the time to develop and integrate this positive, productive approach to creating what you want into a way of life.
We cannot cultivate anything of meaning and value, whether that is a relationship, skill, or business, in a single burst of activity.
Success is about healthy habits that become a part of who we are and what we do. When we are in a cycle of positive inner growth and outward action, this can begin to generate a long-term, sustainable path of effective progress and actual realization of goals.

Regular Support and Interaction

Through the community and weekly content

Access Recordings at Any Time

24/7 Access to your recordings, available to download or listen directly. 
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Deeply Profound...
"I found the Vision to Reality Coaching Program to be a deeply profound journey through many unexplored parts of myself. Evan is masterful at honing in on aspects and assumptions I did not even realise I had. 

 I would recommend this coaching program to anyone who is ready for the challenge of knowing themselves on a deeper level.  "
Meryl - Australia
"You create your own universe as you go along." – Winston Churchill

From: Evan

Senior facilitator of Inner Reconciliation
Full-Time NYC based musician
Happy 2021!

I'm very excited to bring this program back and updated after such positive feedback. We are going to focus specifically on creating things that truly matter to you in life.

As someone who has made their living in the competitive world of New York City as a freelance musician, something that has been a dream of mine since a young age, I have a lot of first hand experience in what it takes to turn a meaningful vision into a reality.

To suggest that it is something you simply "manifest" through some type of process is a bit absurd. However, the inner component, exploring our emotions, beliefs, and limitations, plays an absolutely enormous role.

In this program, I will be presenting what I have found to be most effective in terms of inner work, Reconciliation, focus, vision and more to cultivate the best inner environment possible, as well as keep the doors open for amazing experiences and sudden breakthroughs (which absolutely can and do happen)

I also want to incorporate the practical, action and support oriented part of the equation that is an absolute necessity.

If you take advantage of it, this is an opportunity for an environment where we can set broad or specific goals, targets, actions, and challenge ourselves and each other to step into taking further steps on them. We can use the environment to process and heal different things that come up (and they will,) but not use it as an excuse to not move forward.

You will be amazed at what you can accomplish, and the positive momentum that can begin to generate, by combining your inner work with solid action and results that you can see, taste, touch and experience in your life.

If you are seeing this at all, it means you are someone I would love to work with here, and hope you will consider it!

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