Ongoing training, deep inner work and live support
to get clarity on your vision and begin to bring it to life  

Powerful emotional tools and personal guidance to help you connect to what you actually want
and how to actually move forward to have it!

This is a launch special membership limited to 15 new slots

You will be getting the lower price for life and I will be creating content and updating the program based on your feedback in this close-knit, great group of people!

  • Learn a clear framework that takes deep inner work and focuses on YOU and your goals

    - how to define and connect to what you actually want and what truly matters to you
    - how to identify the resistance, programming and beliefs that make this challenging (which we will resolve)
    - how to keep focus on your own clarity on exactly you need and what is blocking you

  • ​At Least two live processing calls with Evan each month

    dedicated to helping each other get clear and moving forward with our vision, addressing and healing the deep programming that gets in our way. 

  • Instant Access to recorded courses including: 

    -- Reconciling with Money (3 Week Program)
    -- Building a Daily Practice (Workshop) 
    -- Vision and Purpose (Workshop) 
    -- Staying Centered 

    Designed to help YOU practically apply the powerful tools we use into your daily life.

  • Private Group where you can keep accountability, interact & ask questions (ours is actually active!)
  • Access to the archive of every live call in the program as a recording
  • ​First priority for requests on subjects for EFT and other processing YouTube videos
  • ​Discounted Private Sessions
  • ​Free access to certain future classes and workshops
  • ​Members will be able to work 1-on-1 during any YouTube livestream processing calls 

Also get a 1-time 30-minute private session just for joining!
(This offer may be for a limited time)

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We are excited for you to see the results for yourself!

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When It Comes to Working On Ourselves
CLARITY + Consistency + Guidance = Results

Inner Work can create powerful, beautiful changes in your life. 

Too often though, we get lost in the abstract with our practice. 

We read many books, take many courses, and before we know it, we are working on "trying to be free" or "self-realized so I can feel happiness and self-love"

Yes. You want to be happy. Everyone does. 

But what does happiness and joy look like for YOU, specifically?

What do you believe would make you happy?
What would you be experiencing that you are not right now, internally or externally?
What are your deep down, un-edited, un-spiritualized goals and desires?

THIS is where the meat is, where the real resistance and energy lie. 

THIS is where to direct our inner work

You will see results when you have clarity and dig where the gold is.

and we usually need help doing that :)

 When it comes to working on ourselves,  I have learned a valuable lesson over the years: 

Our inner progress improves with training, guidance and support

Just as it does in all areas of life

Maybe you aren't seeing results as consistently or as quickly as you'd like, but something in you still believes there is value in Inner Work. 

Maybe you feel you have hit the ceiling and your previous momentum has stopped, but it doesn't feel right to quit. 

Maybe you are enjoying the process but are looking for ways to go deeper.

The Forward Motion membership is designed to be a very affordable way to get training and guidance that can rapidly accelerate your growth. 

This will come in the form of recorded courses and workshops, live processing calls, Q&A, and more.

These will take place with a senior facilitator of Inner Reconciliation, EFT and more. 

Providing the space and awareness to heal the parts of us that need it emotionally...
to developing focus and clarity around your goals and the power of your intention...
to feeling connected to your bodies, breath and moving mindfully...

All of this can shift your emotional state,
which will affect your thoughts...
which will affect your actions, naturally.

This creates positive, tangible results - especially when practiced with consistency. 

The work is not about you being broken and needing to be fixed

It's about learning to be present, feel, examine and cultivate a more healthy, compassionate relationship to your thoughts, feelings and yourself.

 I've been fortunate to work with a ride range of people over the years, and it has allowed me to learn something very valuable: 

There are consistent pitfalls that keep most people from progressing as quickly and fully as possible

Pitfall #1: Overwhelm & Over-education

You've been exposed to so many techniques, teachings, philosophies, with so many contradictions...

That you end up not knowing where to start.

It also leads to not having clarity on what to do actually DO in a situation:

Do I try to release this?

Do I Just 'accept' this?

Should I pay it no attention? 
Meditate and let life take care of it?

Do I visualize the opposite of this?

Do I try to manifest a solution, or is that somehow arguing with life?

It is so easy to end up thinking about all of these ideas and techniques, trying to piece them all together. The net result is you end up thinking for an hour, instead of working with the situation. 

It also results in an inability to deep-dive into any practice so that you never get anywhere close to the maximum benefits it can bring you

  • Focus on a straightforward approach.
  • Work with someone who can help you question your ideas and take you out of your mind.
  • Work along with others as they are guided through this, getting a feel for the experience.

Pitfall #2: Already Knowing The Answer

The other side of over-education...

Part of learning different techniques, philosophies and going through different courses involves learning that particular model of how our inner world works.

Have you ever been faced with a challenge, and found yourself saying something like:

"I KNOW...
"That this is Resistance is holding me back."
"That part of me doesn't want to succeed"
"It's self sabotage based on old patterns"
"It's something I need to let go of"
"It's the ego, and I need to release, transcend or see through it."
"I need to just 'be present' with this and that will take care of everything." 

Even if you are accurate, the power is not in 'knowing' what is happening,

it's about directly seeing what is actually happening for you, in this exact moment.

This can leave you trying to do the same technique, with the same mindset, over-and-over again without getting very far.

  • Go into each experience with an open mind and heart as best as possible.
  • Work with someone who can help you question your ideas and take you out of your mind
  • Work along with others as they are guided through this, getting a feel for the experience.

You will learn directly see, feel and process through what is actually happening within you. This will generate concrete changes in how you experience life.

Pitfall #3: Emphasis on miracle breakthroughs vs. consistent growth

Changes do not always happen in sudden, giant shifts. 
In fact, progress almost never looks linear. 

Have you seen this image before? 

There's a lot of wisdom in it. 

If you're talking about building a business, getting into shape, healing from an injury or illness, you may intuitively understand this process. 

When it comes to inner work and spiritual practices however, modern marketing places a lot of emphasis on the miracle changes. 

"After one session, I was instantly cured and my business grew by 300%"!

Because we are talking about 'energy' or your inner power, it's easier to emphasize miracles and near-instant transformation.

This CAN happen, and I would be thrilled if you experienced it. 

To emphasize that or make it seem like the norm, however, is dishonest.

Apply best practices:

  • Respect the inner work as you would any new skill
  • ​Give yourself time and space to learn, practice and integrate at a healthy pace
  • ​Be kind to yourself and appreciate the process
  • ​Appreciate your body, nervous system and mind as it adjusts to new changes
  • ​Learn to approach your practice as something you enjoy and implement into your life
  • ​Get guidance and support to keep you moving in a positive direction
  • ​Engage and ask questions so adjustments can be made, potentially saving years of time and energy

A healthy relationship to yourself and the journey you are going through can help keep you centered, grounded, and moving along the path. 

My job is to help support you and facilitate this process!

Pitfall #4: Only engaging when things are at their worst

There is a common cycle in working on ourselves. Perhaps you can relate.

Things get really tough

We engage in the work until there is some shift or resolution

We back off or forget about it

...and the cycle repeats

No judgement here. 

This cycle is infinitely more healthy than many of the other cycles that one can fall into!

However, when you stay engaged, some beautiful things can happen. 

There is a tipping point that can happen when we utilize the momentum of things going well as a springboard for them to get even better

Get the Solutions to Your Challenges

Wherever you're at now, getting to the next level requires:

1. Consistent application of tools that actually move the needle for you

2. Getting personal support for your unique situation and questions

3. Having access to others involved in this work

The Forward Motion will provide you with all of these solutions.

What Exactly Is In The Forward Motion Membership?
This program will give you the tools to stay on-point and moving forward with your inner growth and outer results. 
  • Education and Training: 

    You will be given a straightforward, but powerful framework to help keep this work focused on YOU and YOUR GOALS.

    This helps avoid one of the most common reasons we don't move forward: we get into abstract concepts like 'self-love' or 'enlightenment' instead of digging into where the meat is!

    You'll have immediate access to recorded workshops that deep dive into important subjects such as 

    Reconciling with Money (in-depth program originally released over 3-weeks)
    Building a Daily Practice
    Staying Centered
    Holiday and Family Stress

    and much more

  •  Live Processing Calls

    ​A minimum of 2x per month
    60-75 minute live calls on Zoom dedicated to 1-on-1 processing.

    The live group energy creates a powerful space for deep inner work, and you will find that even if a subject does not seem like it directly relates to you, a surprising amount of "borrowed benefits" will take place. 

  • ​Recorded Archive of Every Call

  • ​Get Your Questions and Stuck Points Answered

    Every month, at least one Q&A video will be posted to address questions that you post inside the program. Sticking points, how to approach a certain subject, questions about a particular process and more can take place here. 

Empower yourself with the right information and support to reach your career and lifestyle-related goals

"Tried so many different things..."
“Little did I know that taking this class would break wide open the block that I have been trying to find for decades. 

 Yes you heard me right, decades!! 

I had tried so many different things along with classes never to have it revealed. It wasn’t long into the class until it was revealed and I was able to release it.”

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We are excited for you to see the results for yourself!

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If you are unhappy with the program, get a full refund within 7 days

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Why Work with Me?
I've been helping people in this format for several years now

As a senior facilitator and co-teacher of Inner Reconciliation, EFT practitioner and guest teacher for certifications, I have worked with a wide range of individuals from all over the world. 

I have learned that this work is an art form that transcends any particular technique or philosophy. 

Every individual is unique, and needs to be treated as such. I focus on working and exploring with you to discover what is most needed, where and how you may be stuck. You will never get a stock answer from me or go through the 'script' of a particular technique

Also, I've been a full-time bassist in New York City for over 11 years. 
It is not an easy career path. 

Learning to manage and overcome feelings of inadequacy, fears of making a living, stress, intense perfectionism, physical demands including injuries and much more has made learning and practicing these tools a necessity, not a luxury. 

I am only interested what helps you practically, in day-to-day living and being, not chasing idealistic concepts, philosophies or delusions of grandeur. 

My approach is battle-tested in life - which is the ultimate gift and training-ground! You can see many testimonials on this page sharing just some of the results it has delivered. 
“Evan is awesome! I did a session with him regarding an issue I’ve had for over 9 years and it was profound”

Cathy - Coach and Owner of Happy Tappy Girl
This program is about your success, not the method or teaching.

I will give undivided attention to your situation.
Included Courses and Contents
This course will help you examine and clear your limiting beliefs, pain and deeper paradigm around the subject of money.

Together we will explore the subject of money from a variety of angles, to help find and release stuck places even if you have done a lot of work in the past around this. 

    Included Course #2

    Like exercise or any other aspect of life, consistency and habit are key to creating lasting change. This course will help you build a powerful daily practice.
    • Get clarity on what actual practice is versus what our minds trick us into (reading, YouTube is not practice :) )
    • Focus on building a daily practice you can actually integrate into your life as it is.
    • ​​Building your own personal best-of so you can emphasize practices that move the needle for you. 
    • ​​Emphasis on tools and practices I use daily and how they can be adapted to your style

    More courses and workshop recordings will be added as you continue, as well

      "Give Yourself the Gift...
      If you believe that a musician from New York City cannot help you heal, you would be sadly mistaken.

      He personifies the truth that therapy, coaching, or spiritual guidance is and always will be an art form. 

      And, perhaps as an artist, he will guide you—first, from his own curiosity, and then from a place of genuine skill at discovering and uncovering what really may be holding you back.

      And that most likely has not been written about in any book, nor spoken about from any platform.

      Give yourself the gift of stepping off the hamster-wheel, of end-less searching and fixing.

      Give yourself the gift of solutions and resolutions.

      GH - USA

      Get Instant Access to Classes & Recordings

      As well as ongoing access to the LIVE calls, Q&A and more!
      Join Us Today
      We are excited for you to see the results for yourself!

      Satisfaction Guarantee

      If you are unhappy with the program, get a full refund within 7 days

      100% Safe & Secure Checkout...

      Payment processed through secure gateway networks...

      From: Christian Howes

      After 12 years of earning online, I’ve seen the benefits:
      You can make a bigger impact, enroll more students or clients, and save time.
      Your students can learn more and save time/money.

      I’ve also seen the parallels between teaching and marketing. I'll teach you:
      -  where to spend your limited energy and time to make the biggest impact
      -   to amplify your teaching and promote your services more effectively, so you get hired

      How I got here:

      When I left NYC for family reasons I needed to find different ways to earn.

      Through trial and error I developed a combination of income streams.

      I'll help you deliver a variety of services or products with various price points, so you are able to serve more people and reduce your stress, while moving forward financially.

      How to make and sell digital courses (the easiest ways):
      How to sell without being sleazy
      How to price in uncertain times

      Together, these are designed to help you:
      -Escape the feast-or-famine cycle.
      -Attract a more consistent stream of projects, clients, and income.
      -Have more time and energy to devote to other things you care about, like music, self-care, and time with loved ones.
      -Gain clarity and confidence to take action on things that serve your vision and align with your values.

      Do you struggle with figuring out how to stop hustling long enough to sit down and make a real plan that is going to get real results instead of just running around from this idea to that idea and feeling exhausted?

      Does living with financial uncertainty stress you out?

      Do you feel like your business is stuck in a rut?

      Regardless of where you are now, an hour or two per day spent on the right things can dramatically accelerate your income and opportunities.
      Business isn't magic. Most creatives never learned business, and most of us are so emotionally involved in our day to day process, we struggle to see clearly how to move forward. Getting support to grow your business is well-advised, just like getting support in improving as a musician.

      I’ve formally coached over 250 professional musicians of many different backgrounds, ages, and interests, who got results working with me.

      I believe you're perfect for Forward Motion if you are:

      - Interested in improving your relationship with yourself, thoughts, feelings and emotions and want clear guidance on how to do so

      - Have done a lot of inner work, but don't feel it has a clear focus that is actually generating results in your day to day life at the level it could

      - An experienced practitioner who wants to go deeper, and address subtle or advanced sticking points

      - A facilitator who would benefit from being part of regular live facilitation and seeing a unique approach

      Many of my clients have reduced their stress, increased their income, gained new skills, experienced healthier relationships, began to resolve long-standing emotional challenges and much more. 

      What Others Are Saying...
      I Paid Off My Debt...

      Patricia - Los Angeles

      I am not a person who tolerates having debt very well. 

      I can still remember speaking with Evan, the things he told me, the exercise we did to help me find where I was in the situation and how I felt comfortable proceeding. 

      I could hardly believe it; but I actually DID find a way to be comfortable enough with my situation to effectively get myself out of it and still continue my studies. 

      In May of 2016 I paid off my debt, and in Nov of 2017 I graduated. 

      Today, March of 2019 I am in a completely different situation financially. I have the clarity to make decisions regarding finances with minimal stress or drama.
      One of the Most Valuable Hours

      HT - UK

      “My first one-hour session with Evan was one of the most valuable hours of my life, as it helped get over some recurring roadblocks”

      Join Us Today
      We are excited for you to see the results for yourself!

      Satisfaction Guarantee

      If you are unhappy with the program, get a full refund within 7 days

      100% Safe & Secure Checkout...

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